Sidewalk Bridge

During new construction or building renovations, it is often necessary to install a sidewalk bridge, or shed, which will provide protection for pedestrians walking under the contractor’s work area. The Department of Buildings may also require the emergency installation of a sidewalk shed if it determines that a building façade is unstable and a dangerous condition exists.


When erecting a sidewalk shed, York Scaffold is careful to work with the building owner or the contractor so that the shed will be a “good fit” with the site. This requires attention to many details, including the locations of doorways, loading docks, handicap ramps and parking garage entrances.


Sidewalk sheds are usually eight feet in height, but York can provide sheds of varying greater heights as individual needs may demand. Additional customizing of sidewalk sheds is also available.


At times, a sidewalk shed may also provide the base on which a supported, or frame, scaffold will be erected. Sometimes, a temporary work trailer, or shanty, may be placed on top of a sidewalk shed. When providing such special sidewalk sheds as these, York Scaffold will have the design engineered to ensure compliance with New York City Building Code regulations.

York Scaffold installs its sidewalk sheds using its own experienced Employees. When providing lighting on it sheds, York only uses licensed electrical contractors.

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