Aluminum Pump Jack System

Note: When working 10 ft. and above, OSHA requires fall protection. Refer to product labels.

  • Pump Jack
  • Work Bench
  • Poles and Braces
  • End Rail Kits
  • Safety Net


Model No.DescriptionApprox. Shipping Weight Lbs.
PJ-100Pump jack30.0
PJ-PF-4Pole foot3.0
PJ-6P6′ aluminum pole14.0
PJ-12P12′ aluminum pole28.0
PJ-18P18′ aluminum pole42.0
PJ-24P24′ aluminum pole56.0
PJ-PCPole connector12.0
PJ-SBFFoldable support brace9.0
PJ-SBRRigid support brace14.0
PJ-WBWork bench15.0
PJ-ERNEnd rail kit (narrow)15.0
PJ-ERWEnd rail kit (wide)17.0
PJ-SNSafety net14.0
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