Erection & Dismantle

Renovation work on buildings often requires the installation of temporary shoring for a variety of reasons. Some of York’s recent shoring installations will serve to illustrate their diversity.

  • Verizon Building – West Street, NYC
    Installed shoring to support this historic building’s arches and vaulted ceiling over the sidewalk as part of a building restoration plan.
  • Woolworth Building, Broadway, NYC
    An interior floor was shored to allow cutting of new floor openings and the relocation of structural steel.
  • Sara Delano Roosevelt Memorial House, East 65th Street, NYC
    York installed shoring to support an interior stairway in this landmark building.
  • Community Synagogue, East 6th Street, NYC
    Shoring was used to support the roof of this historic pre-Civil War structure to allow the replacement of cracked roof trusses.
  • Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, NY
    “Needle Beams” were installed to support the second floor façade during renovation of the first floor Main Entrance.
  • Ethel Barrymore Theater, West 47th Street, NYC
    York installed shoring to support the theatre’s marquis during façade restoration, while keeping the sidewalk clear for pedestrian traffic.

York has also installed shoring when unusually heavy loads were being moved through an existing building. An example of this would be in a hospital where temporary shoring was installed under the hallway through which MRI equipment was being transported to new diagnostic rooms.


While most shoring is intended to be temporary, it is may also become a long-term solution to a problem. For example, York has installed shoring to support sidewalks under which are vaults in need of structural repair. Some of these shoring installations were sold to the building and left in place, while others were removed once the vault repairs were completed.

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