Beta Max Scorpio Plus

  • Perfect Replacement for your rope & pulley
  • Flexible mounting options for attaching to scaffolding & I-Beams
  • Upper limit switch assembly stops the hoist instantly when the load reaches the top
  • Adapts to most major continuous climbing scaffolds
  • Lifting capacity of 400 lbs. to 160 ft.
  • Travel speed of 80 fpm
  • Variety of accessories available to lift materials

Scaff Trac: Our most popular mounting system attaches in minutes, with no tools, to existing scaffolding. Unlimited system lengths are available using 7 ft. Scaff-Trac extensions.

Max. Load Lift: 1200 lb

Outward Cantilever: 3.5 ft

I Beam Trolley: Our most flexible and versatile mounting system. The addition of a rolling I-Beam Trolley Top allows many BETA MAX Hoists to adapt to existing I-Beams.

Max. Load Lift: 2000 lb

Adjustable Flange Width: 2.66"-5.25"

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