Mounting Options

Scaff Trac


Our most popular mounting system attaches in minutes, with no tools, to existing scaffolding and is used with all Beta Max hoists.

Unlimited system lengths are available using ad-on 7 ft. Scaff-Trac extensions.

Max. Load Lift* – 1200 lbs. when used with conventional scaffolding.
Outward Cantilever – 3.5 ft

Trestle Monorail


Our heavy-duty mounting system is perfect for our large capacity hoists.

This mount is easily installed for between-the-floor or rooftop lifting, but must be properly counterbalanced.

Max. Load Lift* – 2000 lbs.
Outward Cantilever – 3.5 ft.

I-Beam & I-beam Trolley


Our most flexible and versitle mounting system is used with all of our large capacity hoists.

The addition of a rolling I-Beam Trolley Top allows many Beta Max Hoists to adapt to existing I-Beams. If the horizontal trolley is not necessary Beta Max offers a Fixed I-Beam Top which firmly holds the hoist stationery on the I-Beam.

Max. Load Lift* – 2000 lbs.

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