Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall – 42nd Street, NYC

Having erected the scaffolding in 1998 for the original restoration of this former waiting room, York Scaffold Equipment Corp. was pleased to have been chosen to do so again for the 2007 restoration. The latest project involved restoration of the walls, ceilings, gold chandeliers and marble floors.


To allow unimpeded foot traffic through Vanderbilt Hall, York provided a tunnel which allowed total pedestrian access from 42nd Street into the Main Concourse during the time of the restoration work.


The 50’ high scaffold created a ring around the 207-foot-long by 66-foot-wide Hall and needed to be erected freestanding, as the walls, which appear to be marble, are only plaster and cannot serve as anchors for scaffold ties.


Careful coordination allowed the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding to be performed while the simultaneous restoration of the pink marble floor was underway.

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