Werner D7100-2

D7100-2 SERIES
D-Rung Extension Ladder



Model: 6200
Style: Stepladder


  • High performance Holster Top™, paint /tool holder and slots for paint roller tray
  • 4 rivets attach top to each front rail
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Shoulder bolt and nut on top hinge
  • Handy paint can hanger on back side of top
  • All steps & two rear horizontals are knee-braced
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • EDGE® – molded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage
  • Shoe pads riveted to the EDGE® structure
  • Every rivet backed up by metal part or washer to protect rails
  • Optional yellow molded pail shelf kit, model no. 76-2
  • Double riveted, slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
Model No. Total Length of Section Max. Working Length Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit Approx. Shipping Wt. Lbs.
D7116-2‡ 16′ 13′ 7.0 41.0
D7120-2 20′ 17′ 8.7 50.0
D7124-2 24′ 21′ 10.3 58.5
D7128-2 28′ 25′ 12.0 67.0
D7132-2 32′ 29′ 13.7 82.5
‡ Note: D6216-2 is not equipped with rope and pulley.
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