Werner Glossary

Exclusive rung joint design that helps keep extension ladders from twisting while in use.


Energy Diffusing GEometry. Molded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage.


A permanently imbedded identification in the rail of a fiberglass ladder. This rail marking can reproduce your company name or logo in a repeated pattern every 19″ or 38″ along the ladder’s rail.


A uniquely designed hinge that allows multi-purpose ladders to be locked into various positions.


Unique hinge/spreader design that prevents hands from getting caught or pinched while setting up and taking down the ladder.


Used to describe the feet on some extension ladders, these lock the shoe into position.


Pail shelves with a molded pocket to stabilize paint cans and raised edges to minimize dripping while ladder is in use.


A convenient stepladder top designed to hold paint cans and tools. Some are made with slots to hold a paint roller tray and some have a hook on the back for a paint can.


Made of deeply serrated aluminum, these steps are designed to help prevent the user’s feet from slipping on the steps of both extension and stepladders.


True Grip®
Ladder stabilizers’ ability to “grip” the standoff surface, preventing the ladder from slipping.


Used in conjunction with Alflo® to describe the performance of extension ladder rung joints.

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