Gorilla Climber

D - 130

Drum Scaffold Hoist

Gorilla Climber D-130

  • Economical

No power source is needed. Eliminates the use of power cords and electrical fittings. Speeds rigging time.  It’s lightweight making transportation easy.


  • Easy Operation

Two Handles make hoisting smooth and easy. You can crank at 8 to 12 feet per minute.


  • Strong

Galvanized steel housing to protect the eternal components and keep out debris.


  • Safe

Dual independent brakes. You must crank to come down.


  • Capacity

Each hoist can lift 1100 lbs. (rated workload) The galvanized 5/16 wire rope is rated at over 4 tons.


  • Platform

Can be used on standard swing stage platforms by   using Gorilla Climber stirrups.


  • Complete

The D-130 comes along with a wire rope installed and easy-to-attach rigging hooks.

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